7 Benefits of Babolat Tennis Racquets

Babolat is one of the top brands you will encounter when choosing a tennis racket, and for many good reasons. The Babolat tennis racquets are preferred by professional tennis players and aspiring champions for its technology and innovative features. To understand why it may be the best tennis racquet for you, here are seven benefits of a Babolat racquet:

  • It comes with features that let you play well – Tennis racquets by Babolat are developed with the skill levels and needs of every type of player in mind. Hence, you should be able to find the perfect racquet that matches your play style, skill, and preferred level of comfort.
  • Custom racquets for advanced needs – AeroPro and Pure Aero are recommended for players who require more spin and pace on the court. A Babolat tennis racquet from any of those lines feature a combination of a lively and firm beam and a speedy feel, so you can play aggressively. The racquets come in a variety of weights to suit every level of ability.
  • More feel and control – Babolat came up with the Hybrid Beam Construction in their Pure Strike series to provide more control and feel. Hence, you get impressive stability despite the weight, and the FSI technology in 2016 models optimize the string spacing for better power and spin.
  • More power – Check out the Pure Drive series if you are looking for a Babolat tennis racquet that can give you more power. Pure Drive racquets have a lively and thick beam, a fast feel, and an open string pattern to provide best in class speed, precision, power, and spin.
  • here are racquets for every player – Beginner and intermediate tennis players need a light and user-friendly racquet, which they can get from the Lite & Drive series. Babolat has a line of junior racquets for young competitors, too.
  • Technology – Babolat invented the VS string, and since then, they have been continuously innovating to produce the best breakthroughs while improving existing products, all while ensuring that their innovations can enhance player performance.
  • Versatility – Babolat came up with the ‘Smart’ tennis racquet called, ‘Connected Racquet’, which is designed for amateur and professional players alike. It has already been tested by top players like Rafael Nadal, Li Na, and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. The racquet acquires data about the player through chips and sensors in the handle, and it shows players a breakdown of incidents, such as why a forehand smash ended up on the net or why the serve went wide, so they can refer to it for improvement. It can collect information on the power of shots, the level of spin, technique, endurance, energy, consistency, and other factors.

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