Find Your Perfect Tennis Racket at Tennisracket.Me

Finding the perfect tennis racket will be one of the biggest hurdles you might encounter as a tennis player, whether you are starting out or have advanced to the intermediate stage. Even professionals may have difficulty in choosing a tennis racket due to the overwhelming amount of options available today. Moreover, the technologies used in modern tennis rackets may leave you confused when you have to compare them and find out what they do. You can scour the web, talk to your coach, and ask professional players for guidelines and tips on choosing the best tennis racket for you, or you can rely on an algorithm that can help you find the perfect tennis racket at Tennisracket.Me.

An entrepreneur, Mike Volkin and tech specialist, Thomas Jensen, are tennis players who are passionate about the sport and their game. They created Tennisracket.Me to make it easier for other players to find the right tennis racket based on algorithms and certain points. The site was born when Mike, a 4.5 singles player, was searching for a racket and explored the web for the newest rackets from different manufacturers. He is an experienced player, but he had difficulty in accurately knowing the swing speed, stiffness index, and other specs that can affect his game. Hence, he created a spreadsheet of those data points to be analyzed and looked up a service that can narrow down the selection of rackets he could pick from. Seeing that there was no such service, he got in touch with his friend, Thomas, who did some numbers on the spreadsheet and applied Excel programming to remove rackets that were unsuitable for Mike.

Mike and Thomas developed a proprietary algorithm to analyze thousands of data points and weigh them against one another to come up with the perfect tennis racket for you without any biases. Simply answer a few questions at Tennisracket.Me and you should be able to pick a racket in under two minutes.


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