How to Handle the Heat During Your Tennis Match

Heat is a natural enemy of tennis players, especially those who play outdoors. A big part of mastering the game is learning how to handle the heat so you can perform at your best even on a hot and humid day. Sweating is the body’s natural way of eliminating internal body heat, but it is not always enough to cool you off. You also need to consider what you will wear. Go for breathable clothing and wear a visor. It’s likewise important to keep yourself hydrated during breaks.

The rules of tennis allow you take quick breaks during matches. There are breaks between points, for example. You have 20 seconds between each point, so take advantage of that time especially if you are the server. Do not rush and allow yourself to recover before serving the ball. You can also take advantage of the break during changeovers. If you are changing sides of the court, you have 90 seconds (about one and a half minutes) to recover. You can sit during that time if you need to. This is also a good time to drink water or your favorite sports drink and mentally prepare yourself.

Remember the rule on continuous play. Think about the USTA and ITF Rule 29. It may be crucial to play continuous, but the rule contemplates that you have some time. The key is to make sure you know the amount of time you have and determine how to take advantage of it.

Finally, take advantage of the break between sets. These breaks last about two minutes if you are in a tournament and up to 10 minutes between the second and third set. These should be lengthy enough for you to catch your break. Check tournament or league rules beforehand to be sure.


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