How and Why to Build Your Endurance for Tennis

In tennis, endurance pertains to your ability to remain energetic throughout the match, so you can play your best regardless of the length of the match, the weather, and the type of court where you are playing. Your endurance may be low if you feel so exhausted towards the end of the match, if you feel drained by the hot weather, or if you dread playing with an opponent who constantly makes you run around the court to chase the ball. If this is the case, you will need to build your endurance in order to play better and enjoy the game even more. Here are tips that can help you build endurance for tennis:

  • Do some cross training – Tennis should not be the only sport in your fitness routine. Be sure to do other activities like swimming, biking, walking, and running to strengthen your heart, legs, and arms. These activities may help improve your focus and breathing, and boost the health of your lungs and heart, too.
  • Take up running – If you do not have time for cross training, consider focusing on a single exercise instead—and make it running. It can do wonders for your endurance, especially when it comes to increasing your leg power. Consider doing some running and walking in intervals to imitate some movements in tennis where quick bursts of activity occur.
  • Consider using a heart rate monitor or a fitness band to keep track of your heart rate – Running and cross training are aerobic exercises that are keys to developing higher endurance for tennis. However, you want to make sure that you are getting the most from those activities. Investing in a high-quality fitness band with a heart rate monitor is a good start, so you can wear it when you run or cycle.

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