5 Best Tennis Racket to Choose This New Year

Are you thinking of buying a new racket for this new-year? There are literally thousands of different styles, types, sizes, and colors available, so the shopping process can be a bit overwhelming. Looking at the best and most highly recommended tennis rackets should be a good start. Here are the five best tennis rackets to consider this year:

  • Head Ti-S6 – This racket weights only eight ounces, but it comes with a lot of strength and durability while ensuring a great feel in your hand. Head Ti-S6 is made of lightweight materials like graphite and titanium, and it has a 115-square inch head to allow more room to hit the sweet spot. Vibration control is excellent for intermediate players and beginners.
  • Head Liquidmetal 8 – This tennis racket aims to stand out, and it often ranks high in reviews and top 10 lists due to its forgiving sweet spot and light frame, making it ideal for newbies and intermediate players alike. Head Liquidmetal 8 is suitable for players with slow to moderate swings, too. One of its most remarkable features is the NoShox handle, which reduces vibrations by up to 27 percent. The open 16 x 19 string pattern helps enhance the ball’s spin while enabling the sweet spot to spread throughout the head.
  • Wilson Tour Slam – Intermediate players who have a moderate swing may like this lightweight aluminum tennis racket, which features the Volcanic Frame Technology that lets them gain more control and power for a great game. Wilson designed the Tour Slam to be easy to swing without compromising on maneuverability and power. With the 110-inch head, there should be a lot of hitting space, while vibration is minimized with Stop Shock Pads.
  • Prince Triple Threat Thunder Bandit – The racket is designed for lower intermediaries and beginners as it has an expanded sweet spot to ensure accuracy, a balanced weight and design distribution for more control, and Triple Threat Technology for stability.
  • Babolat AeroPro Drive – Aimed at intermediate and advanced players, the Babolat Aerpro Drive delivers control and power with Cortex technology to redistribute energy to the hand for pinpoint accuracy, and a graphite build for durability.

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