Differences Between Power Tennis Racquet and Control Tennis Racquet

When choosing a tennis racquet, you are likely to come across terms like ‘power’ and ‘control’. These are the two main factors you must consider when selecting a tennis racquet that is right for you. Here is an overview of their differences:


A power tennis racquet adds more power to your swing, and it is typically suitable for beginners. Despite having a lot of power, the racket is lightweight, generally weighing about eight to 10 ounces, and it has a larger head, which is about 100 to 130 square inches in size. An oversized head provides a larger ‘sweet spot’ to enable maximum return on a ball. Power tennis racquets are head-heavy and longer to provide extra torque to the swing, and their strings are loose for more power.

The only downside to a power tennis racquet is the minimum control it offers for the ball. Hence, it is only recommended to players who are looking for a way to get the ball properly over the net instead of focusing on advanced tennis methods where placement and spin are concerned.


The control tennis racquet is what you need if you are seeking more control for the ball. It is designed for advanced players who are already adept in their swing power and are now looking for a racquet that will provide more control over the ball’s spin and placement.

Control racquets weigh about 11 to 15 ounces, making them heavier than power tennis racquets. Their heads are smaller and lighter, too, to enable maximum maneuverability. Unlike power tennis racquets, control racquets are tightly strung and have thinner beams to allow better control for the ball.

The key to choosing the proper tennis racquet is finding the right balance between control and power. Hence, be sure to explore the large selection of racquets that suit your needs and skill level. Any combination of those factors should help you find the right racquet that suits your playing ability, while helping you improve in the long run.


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