The Quick Guide to Racquet Customization

Yes, it’s possible to customize your own racquet to an extent. To get started in racquet customization, buy a racquet with specs that are adjustable to your playing style, and modify those specs to your liking with these accessories:

Weight Balance – You can modify the balance of your racquet using Lead Tape (a weighted sticky accessory that is removable). It’s a good idea to go to a tennis pro shop and have the rebalancing done there, as they have the right tools. A racket with a heavy head provides more power and maneuverability. A lighter head, on the other hand, delivers more control.

Tennis Strings – There’s plenty to choose from, including multifilaments, monofilaments, polyester, natural gut, or synthetic gut. You can even go for a hybrid combination to modify the response of your racquet when hitting a ball.  Do you need spin, power, comfort or durability? Choosing the right string construction technology is critical to racquet customization.

String Tension – Different racquets have different recommended tension specs. A lower tension value makes a swing more powerful as it creates a trampoline effect on the string bed. This might make it easier for you to pass the tennis ball over the net. Increasing string tension, on the contrary, can give you more control over the direction of the short and the force applied on the ball.

Replacement Grip – Customizing, your tennis racquet with the right grip, can make your game more comfortable. Go for cushioned grips if you want to reduce vibrations that are transferred to your hand. Thin and leather grips provide a more natural feeland might help you achieve more accuracy.

Overgrip Tape–There are a number of options to choose form, including perforated, dry, tacky, and smooth. The type of tape you choose can affect grip texture and sweat absorption.


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