Top 3 Tennis Rackets That Reward Aggressive Play

If your style on the court is aggressive and you prefer hitting big from from the back of the court, which tennis racket should you get? Aggressive tennis players like you love a lot of top-spin. You need a racket that gives power from all areas of the tennis court while staying balanced to still allow a full swing. Here are our top three recommendations.

#1: Babolat Aero Storm Tour GT

This tennis racket is overlooked in favor of the AeroPro Drive GT (its more popular sibling), but it offers a good fit for aggressive play. Its powerful frame offers a remarkable amount of control. It is quite pricey for a racket that isn’t often used on tour, but you will probably appreciate its weighty 320-gram frame. It is well-balanced because of its thinner beam, so you can rely on it to provide control when you need it most. After a long and stressful day in the office, there is something very therapeutic about using the AeroPro Storm Tour and smacking balls from the back of the tennis court.

#2: HEAD YouTek IG Extreme

Thisforgiving tennis racket has received excellent reviews for its excellent balance point. It is known to provide superior control compared to its predecessors—a fact that it owes to d30 technology. It’s a great tennis racket if you want more power for your aggressive shots while retaining control on drop shots as needed. Aggressive players appreciate the good 300-gram weight and balance of this tennis racket, which allows agility and power. It’s a rock-solid tennis racket for those who like to hit from the back of the court. And did we mention that it’s cheaper than comparable models? Truly, the HEAD YouTek IG Extreme represents good value for money.

#3: Babolat Pure Drive Roddick

This tennis racket has become extremely popular with aggressive players who enjoy immense power from all areas of the tennis court along. It’s also known for its comfortable feel. It’s a little heavier at 315 grams, and this weight complements itsbalance to provide a forgiving feel on impact. It’s also quite cheap considering all the technology that went into the frame.


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