The 5 Most Expensive Tennis Rackets in the World

Are you curious to find out which tennis racquets are the most expensive in the world? The good news is that you don’t have to buy them in order to enjoy the sport, though it sure is fun to know the price tags and the technology behind these sports products. Some of the most expensive tennis rackets in the world have the latest enhancements to allow both amateurs and professionals to perform at their best. Others are not especially high-tech but are valued because they are considered collectibles.

#1: Proximus Diamond Games Prize

Priced at a whopping $1.3 million, the Proximus is not really a racquet to play with, but rather a trophy. It is given to the champion of the tournament of the same name. This super expensive tennis racket is made of diamonds and gold. It weighs 9 pounds and has a total of 1,700 diamonds.

#2: Wilson Pro Staff 85 Original

With a price tag of $2,000, this Pete Sampras model is made by using graphite and Kevlar. It is often described as the ‘best tennis racket’ and is certainly legendary.

#3: Dunlop Max 200g Grand Slam Edition

This tennis racket costs $800 and is often praised for its quality, though it is also considered a collectible because it is of a special edition.

#4: Head Prestige Pro 600

Priced at $600, the Head Prestige Pro 600 was first released in the late 1980’s but only became popular in the 1090’s. It is distinctive for its brown and red color and has become a ‘classic’ that most tennis fans can instantly recognize. This collectiblevintage racket can still be bought online.

#5: Puma Boris Becker PCS-Racket Super 2

This tennis racket is a product of a collaboration between Puma and tennis player Boris Becker.  Pros as well as amateurs love the PCS-Racket Super 2 because of its technology and design as well as its high-tech graphite body. Sales were amazing even though the price was expensive at $319.


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