Buying the perfect tennis racket for your game can be a funny thing. This is an area where science and feelings collide – while some features of the most suitable racket choice will be based on rock solid science, others will be dependent on what ‘feels right’ to each individual player. Ask professionals about what makes one racket better than another and you will get an extremely varied set of responses. So, if you are looking to find the perfect tennis racket for your game, rise above all the confusion and follow this step by step guide to making the right purchase.

1# Measure your grip size

Just hold the racket in your dominant hand and slide the index finger of the other hand between your fingertips and the base of your palm on the racket. If there isn’t enough room for the finger to slide in comfortably, the racket’s grip is too small. If there is too much space in between, the grip size is too large for your hands.

2# Choose the racket strength

Longer racket lengths and heavier heads tend to increase the power of the racket but can have you compromising on comfort. Such rackets which will eventually contribute to problems like Tennis Elbow and early exhaustion. Professional players should choose a racket in accordance with their playing style while newbies can go for the standard, 27-inch-long, evenly balanced racket.

3# Select the right material

Tennis rackets are available in all kinds of materials including aluminum, titanium, graphite and more. While Carbon fiber, Boron and Kevlar rackets are the lightest and most expensive of the lot, they can be quite unforgiving on mistakes and hence, may not be suitable for beginners. Aluminum and graphite tennis rackets are cost effective, slightly heavy, sturdy and dependable, making them the best choice for newbies.

4# Test the racket out

The most important factor here will be how the racket feels in your hand while you are playing. Take some time in testing different materials and sizes to choose the one that suits your game best. When you are out for buying, always take a few test swings to understand its balance. Trust your instincts – they will lead you in the right direction.

Just follow the above steps to find the perfect tennis racket for your game!


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